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Discussion in 'General Language' started by CzechLearners, Mar 7, 2005.

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    we are twin brothers from Brazil and we like learning languages very much, and we like Czech.
    we have an English-Czech translator(if anyone wants this translator, you can ask us. it's Microtran).

    but we would like to know how much Czech we need to speak well.
    do we need to know all the declensions?
    is there any way to speak colloquial Czech different from grammatical, without needing to use some declensions(like in German genitive)?
  2. Dana

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    Hi Czech learners from Brazil!

    Giving your two questions a quick thought, I think that:

    - You don't need to know all the declensions if you don't aspire to learning proper Czech and becoming fluent. The amount of studying you'll need to do depends on how far you want to get with the language.

    - Colloquial Czech IS different from what you learn from books, which doesn't mean it's easier. The difference between written and spoken Czech actually makes learning the language harder because you'll often learn one thing from your book and hear something different in spoken Czech. Colloquial Czech unfortunately doesn't skip any cases, so again, not learning all the declensions will simply result in achieving a lower level in mastering the language.

    Good luck with your studies! Czech is a difficult language, but can be learned. Or so I hear. :)


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