Help this American translate a cool Czech film into English

Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by Beyond Ken, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Very nice!

    I didn't watch the whole film, but the parts that I watched were translated correctly and idiomatically.

    Please consider making the film available on a venue other than YouTube. I'd suggest making a torrent, or at least making your subtitles available separately. That way viewers won't be limited to YouTube's tiny viewing area and capricious enforcement of copyright laws.
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    The way to make a torrent depends on your torrent client. If you're not already familiar, torrents allow free peer-to-peer file transfer and are especially well-suited to large media files (e.g. films). Using torrents to distribute the movie will ensure that anyone can access it indefinitely, and at its original quality. Here are some links that can give you an overview of the process:

    What is a torrent:

    How torrents work:

    How to make a torrent:

    As for a client, I recommend uTorrent if you're using Windows, and Transmission otherwise.
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    I am trying to torrent the movie, without success yet.

    To what torrent site should I upload to?


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