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  1. Sybilla

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    How do I say " Could I have another/blanket/pillow please" and - a piece of grammar left out of most short guides and phrase books - " Could she/they have another...."
    It seems as though I may be in the position of being the linguist for my group and, as my local library has not yet managed to get me a grammar book, I have been learning only the egoists way of speaking i.e making my desires known without reference to others.
  2. Halef

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    Could I have:

    Můžete mi prosím dát ...
    Mohla (f.) / mohl (m.) bych prosím dostat ...

    další (supplement)
    jiný (m.) / jinou (f.) / jiné (n.) (replacement)

    bed sheet - prostěradlo (n.)
    blanket - přikrývku (f., nominative "přikrývka").
    pillow - polštář (m.)
    bed-clothes - povlečení (n.)
    pillowcase - povlak na polštář (m.)

    Could she have - mohla by (prosím) dostat... / můžete jí (prosím) dát...
    Could he have - mohl by .. / můžete mu ...
    Could they have - mohli by ... / můžete jim ...
    Could we/us have - mohli bychom ... / můžete nám ...

    "Prosím" means "please". It makes the sentence polite.

    Some complete sentences:

    Could I have another (replacement) blanket?
    Můžete mi prosím dát jinou přikrývku?

    Could they have another (additional) pillow?
    Můžete jim prosím dát další polštář?
  3. Sybilla

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    Thank you for your prompt reply. I should have been more explicit in asking for an additional blanket/pillow. I can't imagine needing a replacement but your complete reply has answered several question for me especially as you have explained the grammar involved.
    I do wish I could have started studying earlier especially as I am having to revise German for a short stay in Austria.
    One short question - I know I should be posting it for all and sundry - How do I say "What Soccer/football team do you support?"
    This should be simpler in the Czech Republic than it would be in Australia .
    as we have: Australian Rules, Soccer and two sorts of Rugby
    Regards, Sybil Smith
  4. Halef

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    Kterému fotbalovému klubu fandíte (plural, or polite) / fandíš (singular, but use only when talking to a friend)?

    You are right, football is quite easier in Czechia. There is just one, when we do not count the indoor versions.

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