High Heels in Prague

Discussion in 'Culture' started by MarianCorwin, May 11, 2006.

  1. MarianCorwin

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    this questions may not really fit into this section, sorry!
    I am wondering about wearing heels because I've seen alot of things that talk about how the streets, cobblestones and all, can be very hard on your feet. So my question is, do women wear high heels at all in Prague? I don't mean everyday or just to go out shopping, but like to go out at night to a club or whatever. I don't want to pack any if I'll never wear them, but I dont want to wear them and be miserable! Any advice?
  2. amraam_7

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    yes, they do. if there's a street made of cobblestones, than it's pavement certainly isn't.
  3. MarianCorwin

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    thanks sooo much dear! I guess I sounded like a bit of an idiot asking that now that I look back on it, oh well! I appreciate your responding!
  4. magan

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    Yes they do and they have experience doing it. I have to say it looks rather pathetic to see them walking on old town streets hobbling along not to be able to fully step on their heal. Heals of their shoes are usually very damaged. There are also other "fashionable shoes" which girls wear. They look something like "ballet slippers" with round front and low/no heal. They come in combination of two or three different colours. Something like this can be solution for "going out" if you are planning on going dancing or such. I am not sure for how long you are planning your visit, but for few weeks I wouldn't bother with shoes I think of wearing just for one evening.

    I should really point out that you would want to SEE Prague, not just go "to office and back home" like local women do, so you will really need some great shoes to walk in. You don't want to think about where to step on your walks through Prague. One thing about Prague is, that you look up a lot - architecture is spectacular. Smart/elegant style (not too sporty and not too fancy) will take you everywhere.

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