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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by raduandrei, May 15, 2004.

  1. raduandrei

    raduandrei Member

    does anyone knows anything about hostel VESTA in Main Railway Station?
    is in Wilsonovo nádraží, Praha 2.
  2. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    First of all, I have no idea where it is exactly so I am just talking from my personal knowledge of the area onlÿ. I am not sure what kind of backpacker you are, but from what I see here, Main railwaz station is well known for all kinds of sleezies and beggars, drunks. Not the place to be at night. Large park you see on the map is full of vinos at night. Also on map it is close to Vaclavske nam which seems convenient. Advantage is that downstairs in the station is Metro convenient for your transportation. If you are woman I would not recommend this neighbourhood at all. If you do not have a choice anymore, one night wont kill you and you will have some time to look for better location. Praha is beautiful, but in summer full of tourists. Have a good time.
  3. raduandrei

    raduandrei Member

    hey magan,
    tkx a lot.
    i'll give my choice a second thought.
  4. Kirschy

    Kirschy Member

    We are staying at Hotel Imperial which is about 5 blocks away from Train Station. It is cheap but has shared bthrooms like backpackers
    75 euro per double per night
  5. raduandrei

    raduandrei Member

    hey Kirschy,
    what about the neighbourhood?
    did u have any kind of troubles or som' like?
  6. toprague

    toprague New Member

    The Vesta Hostel is located in the very centre of Prague in the secession building of the Wilson Railway Station – on the fifth floor of the Southern Tower ( with elevator up to 4. floor ). The Wenceslas Square is five-minutes walk from there and the underground station METRO line „C“ is directly in the Wilson Railway Station.
  7. adamdevall

    adamdevall New Member

    I have booked to stay here with my g/f in mid september. is it really that dodgy around this area? Also, what time does the metro run until. is it possible to catch the metro back at night and make it to the hostel safely without being attacked? is there anyone out there who has stayed here and can give first hand experience of this hostel. if there is i'd be very grateful if you would share your experiences!
  8. Meme

    Meme Member

    I highly recommend the Junior Hotel on Senovazne namesti. One section is a hostel, the other is a hotel.

    We've taken our student groups there for 4 or 5 years and have *always* been pleased with the staff, the accommodations, the generous breakfast (included in cost), and the excellent location. Don't know what their going rate is for individuals because we've established a relationship for our group over the years & may be getting a break --- but it should be *very* affordable.

    Any of the staff will help. Simona (who I think has title of manager but I'm not *positive* that's correct) is particularly great to deal with.

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