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Discussion in 'Food & Drink' started by rrc, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. rrc

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    I _LOVE_ hot foods. Ever since coming here, however, I have found it very difficult to find restaurants that serve really spicey dishes.

    To make matters worse, I can't seem to find a supermarket that sells good hot sause. Albert sells one brand that is okay, and most places will sell "Chili Omachka" or something that isn't very good at all.

    Does anyone know where I can buy good hot sauces? Failing that, does anyone have any recommendations for a restaurant that serves a really spicey dish?

  2. Sova

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    As a Tex-Mex fan myself, I had a hard time finding spicy food in the Czech Republic, because traditional Czech food is not spicy at all. When I was in Prague 10 years ago, you could buy salsa at the K-Mart near Narodni Trida. I guess it's not called K-mart anymore, but is called Tesco now. I'm not sure if they still sell salsa there or not. Other than that, you might try Hungarian restaurants. Hungarians eat more spicy food than Czechs.
  3. Wicker808

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    There's an excellent although expensive Indian restaurant in Brno that has Madras curry that will burn your tongue off.

    In Prague, there's this:

    I don't know of any Hungarian restaurants around here, but spicy Hungarian sausage, čabajka, should be available everywhere.
  4. metric

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    One of the best (and the hottest) sauces I've encountered is at U Kohouta, Lafayettová 3, Olomouc. The proprietors will give you a small jar of the stuff with your meal, and you can buy jars to take away. I bought three large containers last February and I hope it will last 'til my next visit.

    This restaurant is one of the best I've found in CZ, and the hot sauce makes it even better.
  5. Dana

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    Tesco still sells salsa. There's now lots of Tesco stores around, not just the one at Národní. You can also buy tabasco sauce in the Czech Republic.

    I hear there's a Chinese restaurant on Národní that makes very hot dishes. Sorry, I don't know the name... You can also try Thai restaurants, e.g. Sawadi on Kodaňská.

    Hungarian restaurants are not common in the Czech Republic. I wish they were. I've been playing with the idea of visiting Hungary just so I can enjoy some of that delish food!
  6. Sisibel

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    I'm mexican and was suprised to find Mexican salsas at Tesco. the brand is San Marcos and they offer green, red and, my favorite, chipotle salsa.

    Just be careful, because they offer the whole chile canned too... :shock:

    adios ! :D

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