Hotel Salvator (Truhlarska 10)

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by TxGug05, May 28, 2005.

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    Hello All,
    I will be coming to the CR in a few months and have reserved a room at Hotel Salvator in Prague 1. I was wondering if anyone here has any personal knowledge or experience with the hotel? Also any suggestions about restaurants, hospodas, pivnices in the area? I know the hotel is near the Municipal House and was wanting to possibly attend a concert there, how difficult is it to get tickets?

    Thanks in advance for any help! I have been reading the message bourds for a while and have learned a great deal. I am very thankful for information found here, it will deffinitly help me have an unforgetable trip.
  2. magan

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    Truhlarska ul. is near Kotva department store. Downstairs in that is large grocery store. I am not sure if anything changed in the last few months as they are planning to build huge shopping mall that area. Bila Labut department store is also walking distance from there. There is good Vegetarian restaurant (Hari Krishna, but don't let that scare you) just street over from Truhlarska (towards the river) 90Kc huge meal. Truhlarska ul. is walking distance to street cars and Metro station. On street where Bila Labut is very good inexpensive food place with traditional Czech meals and good beer it is called "U Rozvarilu". About three tram stops from there is Bus Terminal to get out of Prague. It is good location as you can walk to everywhere in Old town.
    Powder Tower steps from there, Old Town Square etc. ...just great.
    Wenceslaw square also nice walk from there.

    I don't know your Hotel. Lots is changing there and if it is Hotel, it should be o.k. Last year I went in and checked new Hostel on the same street and it was down-right ugly. Truhlarska ul.
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    Hi Magan,
    Thank you for the information on Truhlarska ul. While in Prague I will try U Rozvarilu restaurant you mentioned and maybe the Hare Krishna place for a cheap meal. I will be focusing on Czech food as I have had little experience with it. Can you recomend any must try kind of places ? I have a few months before my trip and I am trying to get a good idea of what to try before I get to Prague.
  4. magan

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    As our discussion concerns food, please find my reply in Food section so others who are looking for some info can find it easy. Food/Drink section is full of information and I would strongly suggest that if you are serious about trying real Czech food, that you read the whole think and take notes. Make a list of meals you want to try (and comment on what it is in English so you remember) and take this list with you. Places where locals eat and drink have very good food, very inexpensive, but they don't have English menu and staff doesn't speak English either. If you have your list with you, you can just show it and point on individual dish you want. All restaurants/eateries where locals eat have Czech's favourite meals which are all mentioned in Food section of this Board.

    Good luck.

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