How "Foodie" are Czech people?

Discussion in 'Food & Drink' started by elcoyotelocoatx, Aug 20, 2010.

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    Hi all :)

    I'm planning to move to Czech Republic, Sweden, or Poland after I graduate, possibly to open a restaurant. Do people in Czech Republic have an appreciation or enthusiasm for "foreign" food, be it American, Mexican, Thai, Egyptian, etc. etc.?

    I know there are a lot of foreign restaurants in Prague, but are they mostly serving tourists or do you support them too?

    What about Brno? Everyone talks about Prague, but a good friend told me that she loved visiting Brno. Do you have many foreign restaurants in Brno?

  2. Sova

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    Since no one else has put in their 2cents worth, I'll put in my own 15-year-outdated experience.

    Generally speaking, and as far as I could tell as a foreigner, Czechs don't seem to cook much "foreign" food in the home. Having said that, of course, it's entirely possible that the times I was in Czech homes, that they were trying to show me, a foreigner, what Czech food was like, and so never cooked anything foreign for me.

    Also, I don't remember seeing many foreign restaurants anywhere outside Prague center, with the exception of one Chinese place (very good!) on the outskirts of Bratislava in Slovakia. I don't know Brno well, so I can't really speak for it.

    Mexican food in the Czech Republic back then was almost non-existent--I only knew of a couple of Mexican (rather Tex-Mex) places in Prague, and they were largely, as you say, catering to tourists and expats. I used to make Tex-Mex dishes (chili, tacos, burritos, etc.) for Czechs, but while most said they liked it, they also thought it too spicy (and it was seriously toned down for the natives). The only person I found who enjoyed the real spicy Tex-Mex was an 18-old gypsy fellow in Slovakia, who wanted to get the recipe so his mom could make it for him! (By the way, I'm from Austin, too, so I know what real Tex-Mex is about).

    The only "American" restaurants I remember seeing were McDonald's (sad, but true). I can't speak for other foreign food restaurants and such, because I never really sought those out while I was there.

    Like I said, probably only 2 cents worth. Hopefully, someone with a fresher perspective will update us on more contemporary trends.
  3. Danny

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    I live in Brno and because I am sort of a gourmet, I have "mapped" several good foreign restaurants in the city

    For example Indian restaurant Goa ( ), Mexican restaurant Hacienda Mexicana ( ), Cuban restaurant Havana ( ), Japanese Koishi Sushi ( ). There is also a lot of Chinese and Asian restaurants.

    On the other hand if you are interested in Czech cuisine in Brno, I would recommend for example Stopkova pivnice ( ) or Hansen ( )

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