How hard is it for a Czech to get a USA visa?

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Suave, Dec 16, 2006.

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    How hard would it be for a 20yo czech to get a non-spousal visa to the states? anyone know the process? The US gov website isnt very helpful on this.
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    There is more detailed information, but only in Czech:

    brief summary:

    You must have:
    passport with min. 6 months validity after end of your US visit, various forms, exact addresses, where you will be accomodated ("hotels" is not enough), forms have to be signed by you and everyone, who helped you fill it.

    You have to pay 2500 Kč as bail and 185 Kč as messenger fee.
    You need certificate of employment or studies, bank account statement for last three months, empty envelope.

    It suggested you have too:
    Invitation from US company or person

    You then will go to interview with consul.
    Taking of fingerprints is obligatory for all persons between 14 and 80.

    Allegedly about 10% of visa requests is rejected.

    But for young people who don't own car, flat etc it will probably higher, as they can be suspected from attempt of illegal work.
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    My host mom got a visa for the USA. She came to visit her other (previous) host daughter who was graduating from university. She got a tourist visa. It might have been easier for her, since she has a job that ties her to the CR, and her husband wasn't going with her (and neither was I). As someone who has filled out a visa (for the CR), it's a lot of paperwork (I had a student visa) and you have to fill it out a special way sometimes. My friend went to Spain, and her visa had to have an *exact* sentence on it.

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