Hruba mouka? Exists in US?

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    are you sure it was the flour and not the variety of potatoes? my mother had terrible problems with certain types of potatoes (this was in the 1970s and 80s - the types that are sold in the u.s. now are much more varied

    i am no chef and i am sure Saintdennis has much more sound advice - but as i mentioned, i use the cream of wheat here in the czech republic and, although i am no chef, the potato dumpling recipe seems to work for me everytime

    maybe i should start a new topic for dumpling recipes? i am happy with my potato dumpling one - but wouldn't mind some bread dumpling recipes (my mother had one adjusted for u.s. ingredients - i sort of adjusted it back to czech ingredients, but somehow they are not quite the same :( )

    this is the potato one, if anyone is interested -

    for 1/2 kg of potatoes (cooked the evening in advance in their peels - peeled and finely grated the next day) - 200g detska krupicka (cream of wheat), one egg, salt - cook in boiling salted water for about 20 minutes (makes two dumpling rolls)
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    Meluzina, count me as one who sure wouldn’t mind topic dedicated to knedle.
    I don’t know what it is, but when it comes to knedle of any kind I’m just cursed. It’s not as if I didn’t enjoy cooking/baking, I do and overall I would say I’m not too bad at it either. If I would have to judge myself I would say I am somewhere in the exact middle in between awesome cook and hopeless microwave dinner abuser. I can make a beautiful cheesecake without a single crack on the surface, I can make lovely soufflé but for a life of me I can not make a damn knedle :evil: . Even after all these years I still give it a try at least once a month, I pick random recipe on the net and try, always a disaster lol. It’s already a family joke: “what is she doing?” …. “oh…. she’s feeding the garbage can again” Too dense, too wet, slimy, shriveled, not holding shape, those are just few of my outcomes hehe. I don’t think I’ll ever get it right (because of the curse 8) ) but I know I’ll keep trying just because, so reading other people’s approach would be cool.
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    Hi Meluzina,
    let's start question one. Krupicna mouka try "Farina flour". Question two
    I use all purpose potatoes and cook them withe skin on. When they are
    cook let them to cool a little to handle and take the skin off. When they are still warm I grind them and put all purpose flour,a little salt and one
    egg and mix in. I never,never my potatoes overnight with skin on. The reason is when potatoes are warm that use last flour.Then you must for potatoes if they are starchy and do not use too much flour and you must to knead about 5 to 8 minutes and then you do not boil dumplings you just have the water on very low simmer and cook them about 10 to 12 minutes,then take one out cut it in the half and if is raw in the middle put it back in the water and cook it a few minutes longer.

    Have happy cooking


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