I want to tell you a love story...

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  1. Hi! i'm a guy from Argentina... it's in South America. i'm studying to be a system engineer in a town called Tandil, it isn't a big town, but once a year, international chorus come to sing in Tandil. I've never heared about it, until one day, when Federico (a friend) and i met 3 girls from Czech Republic... Let me say that they were SO PRETTY!

    We had a lot of courage when we say.. "Hi! do you need help?". Imagine this... We speak in Spanish and bad english (as you've seen jeje) and they spoke in czech and a little of English... so it was SO difficult to talk.

    But when i looked into her eyes, no words were needed. In the afternoon, Federico and I went to see them sang. That's when i falled in love with one of them, called Lenka. She was like an angel for me (and i still remember her like that).

    We spent all the afternoon talking (or i should say "trying"). I wraped her into my arms, and I sang a song for her... she looked at me with her beatiful blue eyes, and smile... And let me tell you i couldn't believe that i met that girl, and in a moment, she earned a place into my hearth.

    I took her hand, and i started caressing her.. she smile again... and we had a special moment. But everything has an end, and she had to go. I gave her a letter, a gift and i told her "i want you to have this so you can remember me", and for my surprise, she told me the same and gave me a gift.

    We walk a little and then i kissed her. It was a VERY special kiss, very romantic..her lips were so sweet.

    That night, she left Argentina. Since, i know nothing about her. Wait... There's a thing i know for sure... she has earn a place into my heart, and i'll never forget the time i spent with her. It was beatiful to have the opportunity to met her =).

    Hope you like my story and i also hope to see you LENKA again! I really want to tell ypu how i feel inside.

  2. uuspoiss

    uuspoiss Well-Known Member

    Hey Jonathan. This is a beautiful story. If you do meet her again, please keep in mind that "heart" is written without an H at the end. If you write it to somebody like that, they might really take it the wrong way. Good luck!
  3. WOW! :shock: you're right!! jeje!
    i don't know how i miss that :?
    Thanks Henrik!

    By the way.. does anybody knows something about the Olomouc chorus?

    Byeee =)
  4. uuspoiss

    uuspoiss Well-Known Member

    Was it a Christian chorus? Judging by a search in Google there are few of them in Olomouc. Maybe someone local will be able to help in more detail.
  5. Jana

    Jana Well-Known Member

    Most probably, it is the chorus Olomoucký dětský sbor Campanella of the Department of Music, Faculty of Education, Palacký University. You can find more about it at www.upol.cz.
  6. thanks Jena and Thanks Henrik!
    Both of you are right jeje
    It is a Christian chorus because they sang at a church here in Tandil and that was the name Jane! =)

    i've already searched for information in google, but almost all websites were in czech.. so it was IMPOSSIBLE to me to understund... however i figure out to find a picture of the chorus =)

    But well... instead of searching photos of the chorus, i started searching photos of Olomouc, and let me say that it's great! Everything is so beatiful, there's nothing like that here.

    Can anyone search in http://www.upol.cz some photos of students or photos of the chorus, PLEASE? i will be grateful =)

    I give you some information of the girl:
    Her name is Homolkova Lenka, and she is 16 or 17 years old.

  7. mibfede

    mibfede Member


    Hi i´m Federico (Jonny´s Friend), Estas loco Chavon, No Muy Buena idea, yo t engo una foto pero no se ve un sorete, ahora te la mando
  8. susie67

    susie67 Member

    Mibfede, if you are telling your friend it is crazy to solicit help trying to find a photo and a way to contact a girl that is under 18 years old (a minor), I agree with you. He's only asking for trouble and so is anyone who assists him.
  9. Dear Susie... i think you're a TOO DRAMATIC!

    for you to know i'm only 18, and here in Argentina is not a problem to talk or to be with something younger than you (she's only 1 year younger)... Maybe there in Czech is a problem... thanks for telling me that susie...

    I'm not trying to make contact with her, i know i'll never see her again... i just wanted a picture to remember her... i don't think i'm asking for trouble.

    But well, because it's a different country, they should have different rules...

  10. uuspoiss

    uuspoiss Well-Known Member

    FYI, the legal age of sexual consent is 15 years in the CR, 16 years in Argentina. If it's all true what Jonathan wrote up there, I hope he can make contact and see whatever he can make of it.
  11. susie67

    susie67 Member

    My apologies. I was unaware of the lower age for consent.
  12. uuspoiss

    uuspoiss Well-Known Member

    Hmm, in many U.S. states it really seems to be 18. Although in most it's 16. Seems a bit unfair if you ask me. In Estonia (much to my surprise) it's 14, and yet we still somehow manage to maintain a negative gain of population for years now... :)
  13. mibfede

    mibfede Member

    Hola de nuevo, Que comentarios tan Polemicos, voy a hacer un Topic llamado: "Polemica en el Bar", jajaja, Agunaten las Checas, jonny te apollo rotundamente ademas, Yo tambien quiero una foto de Vero.
    Bueno le mado un saludo a SUSSI o como se llame, te voy a presentar a un amigo para que conoscas sussi ,se llama Esteban y habla re bien ingles (Sussi i have a friend called "El Remero", he want to meet friendly guy like you) (que buen ingles el mio che, ,a lo Indio)

    A.I.E.Y.C.C.F. (Asociacion de Idiotas Estupidos Y Con Cara Fea) les manda saludos. (Presidente de la asociacion Esteban "Programo en Pascal" Roasio)

    God Save the Queen :D
  14. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to rain on your parade, Jonathan, but if she really wanted you to find her, wouldn't she have left an address?
  15. Malnik

    Malnik Well-Known Member

    Eva...you are a spoilsport!!!
  16. I didn't know that Henrik Thanks! =)
    And That's OK SUSIE!
    jajajaja! 100pre con tus bardeadas!! We're a team 8)
    "God save the queen"? jajaja what's that??!!!
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And you're making a good question EVA. But she already gave me her e-mail and her address. Also she told me "keep in touch". So.. why i just ask her for a photo? Simple: she doesn't use a computer every day, so her e-mail is full, and if i want to send her a letter, it take 1 month to reach Czech from Here.

    I'm going to tell you another thing jeje...
    I'm here for 2 reasons:
    1) I LOVE to write. I write since i'm 12. So, when i founded this page, i really wanted everybody to know my incredible story. Then i wrote this letter, and When i asked for some information about the chorus (Thanks Jena and Henrik!) you gave me a page. I tried to read something, but it was impossible. So i asked if someone could search there a picture for me... and you know the rest jeje.
    2) i'm here to make friends. And i really like you to tell me your oppinion about my situation. I really do. So if you want, keep posting please =)

  17. Jana

    Jana Well-Known Member

    Hi Jonathan - I was trying to find a picture of the Campanella choir for you, but so far, I could not find any on the internet pages.
    However, the choirmaster is an ex-schoolmate of mine, so I will try to contact him. I guess he will be pleased to hear the choir was such a success in Argentina. And I think your love story is just the right thing for your and her age - I cross my fingers for you :)
  18. mibfede

    mibfede Member

    JaNA i want a photo to, her name is Veronika Tomekova, she is Lenka´s friend..., Jiri Klimes is the choirmaster

    "Muerte a Esteban"
  19. Would you do that for me?? :D THANK YOU THANK YOU! jeje =)

    wow... i can't believe it. You can find connections everywhere. I write a letter... and then you appear Jena, and for my surprise, you know the choirmaster jeje! :shock:
    If you couldn't contact him, THAT'S OK. I think you've already done too much for me =). Also i've to thank you for supporting me and for trusting in me. I appreciate it.

    Thanks to everybody who's helping me and to everybody who keep telling me their opinions.
    See you soon!
  20. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    Please, continue with this love story, I want to know what is going on and if you will be able to make better contact with the girl. Good luck.

    However, if you do have her address, perhaps you can write letter to her here in English and we can translate it to Czech. You can then print it out and mail it to her address. You can also give her link to this web site and she can write letter to you and we can translate it to English for you.

    It is truth that Czechs do not internet as accessible as most people in Western countries, so if her mailbox is full I am not surprised as they would not consider it that important to get to it often and check if they have any email. Most Czechs are messaging on their Mobil phones to each other and not e-mailing.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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