I want to tell you a love story...

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  1. That would be great!! Thanks a lot!! :D
    And thanks for the information about e-mailing. I didn't know that. Here in Argentina, cell phones are growing up. Now, almost everyone has a cell phone, but e-mailing is still very used.

    Thank you for posting. i'm happy you like my love story =).
    As soon as i know something, i will write it. I promise it.

    Also i have to say i'm happy because i found here a lot of people who are ready to help me if i need it. A lot of people who are giving me their opinion about my love story and i really appreciate it. So, i have to say..
    Thanks to everybody!
    Goodbyee! :D
  2. mibfede

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    anybody have new`s???
    Esteban Puto :lol: :? :D :evil: :twisted: :?: :!: :idea: :arrow: :wink: :roll: :cry: :oops: :oops:
  3. Paint

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    I have no news, pero creo que vamos a perder todo nuestra dignidad. Just kidding :lol:

    Good luck, Jonathan and keep writing - it does a soul good. I'm almost inspired to post my own story. Maybe one day.
  4. I'll be glad to read your story.
    Ojalá sientas el deseo de escribir como yo, y te animes a compartir tu historia con todos nosotros. Espero que sea pronto =).
    I hope you understand what i've wrote above jeje.

    See you later :wink:, and if you want, i have some poems.. but in spanish. Maybe you understand spanish =).
  5. mibfede

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    Hola , alguien sabe la parada del 505 Marron Directo, Gracias.

    PD: Contesten en Español porque no entiendo el Checo

    Esteban Deforme
  6. capponilos

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    Sí, te cuento...
    Te lo tomás en la esquina de Dorrego, bajate en Camperoy 440. Ahi agarrás pa'la derecha, dale 2 cuadras... y ahí, justito ahí, tenés la parada del 505...
    Si no llegás, mandame un fax.
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    This is a true love story. On july 27 1930 Bozena Plesniva left her homeland and her parents to come to canada by ship "Alaunia Cunnard at the age of 19 for a better life. her aunty Mary Santavy and her husband paid for her ship ticket and she was to pay it back by working in their restaurant in Winnipeg Manitoba and look after their 4 children.There was lots to do with cooking,cleaning,washing dishes, poys and pans. Joe Novotny worked at Swift Co. as a butcher and came to the restaurant for occasional suppers. Bozena would take his order and talk to him in czech. She liked him as he shared his coke with her as she was thirsty.When she was finished work she went upstairs to her room and of course Joe followed her up. Two months later she realized she was pregnant and had to get married. This is my mother and father. They had 8 children in all and they were married for 66 yrs and my father died at the age of 94 and my mother died at the age of 90. Out of those 8 children ...4 were boys and 4 were girls. I was the one born in 1944. Thank you for listening, Rosemary544
  8. The same happened with my grandfather. He cames from Eurupe when he was almost 30 years old. He left his family in Europe (his wife and 2 daughter) and cames to America looking for a better life. A few years later, when my grandfather had a job and a house, he went to Europe and return to America with his family. That's another true love story.

    See You!! Good Luck. :D
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    Hi, I'm wondering what ever happened with this beautiful love story. Was Jonathon ever able to make contact with the Czech angel?
  10. Hi! i'm afraid not. I have some news thanks to a friend who received some mails time ago. There's a possibility they will come this year to a concert, but nothing is sure.

    Thank you for asking =).
    See You.
  11. EmcaTanecnice

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    Johnny...I wish I had read this when I was still living in Olomouc. :( Do you know what school she went to? I went to Slovanske Gymnasium last year, and I know kids at almost ever secondary school in Olomouc...if you are still interested.

  12. You call me Johnny. Sooo sweet =).

    Yes, i'm still interested. I don't remember the name of the school, but as soon as i know something, i'll contact you ok?. Thanks a lot! :D

    If you wan't, you can add me to your contacts =)
    See You!

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