I will be moving to Brno in the near future!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rebekah, Sep 26, 2004.

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    Ahoj Everyone!

    I just thought I'd introduce myself since I've been relpying to posts. I found this site a couple weeks ago and I'm very glad I did. I just got back from the Czech Republic a little over two weeks ago and seriously it feels like it's been months :( . I am enthusiastic about the idea of going back in the very near future .. when I graduate from highschool. The town of Brno is were I was staying and fortunatly I feel in love with the town. It's the most amazingly beautiful place I have ever been and everyday I look forward to going back. Right now I am taking the time to finish my highschool and learn Czech. Hopefully when I go back I will be able to find a job somewhere in Brno! I would really like to become a Policie.. I think it is possible since I'm in the process of getting my Czech citizenship! Anyways .. if anyone would like to chat or would like help learning english you can email me at

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