IBM GSDC Brno-->Worst Employer-->Brno is good city

Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by funkyhunk, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. funkyhunk

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    IBM GSDC Brno Czech Republic is one of the worst employer....!! :oops: :evil: :twisted:

    So think twice to accept an offer from IBM.....better to be on Manpower or Natek's payroll. :) :p :D

    Many reasons for the above statement :-

    1. Relocation allowance problem.
    2. Don't provide any accomodation.
    3. Don't care about visa of their employees.
    4. Entire hr is pathetic.
    5. IBS agency is full of assholes. Good exposure in visa rejections. :wink: 8)
    6. Don't allow for second long visa.
    7. Can fire you whenever they want....without any reason.

    And many more reasons........... :))

    If any one know any other reasons just feel free to share it......... :cool:)

    Brno is really dam good city.......away from population, pollution.

    Nice pubs, friendly people, b'ful girls, ......perfect city . :))
  2. silverkinguk

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    Hmm always pro and con to something init :D

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