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  1. yann

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    I would like to find my ancestors in Ostrava with the name ILLE.
    My father Eduard was born there in 1924, my grandfather Hugo too in 1897. Also my grandmothers.
    What are the possibilities to research? is it possible to get a birth certificate for my grandfather from the city hall? I don't speak czech and would appreciate some info or tips to find more about my ancestors.
    What are other ways to research? I am a beginner and just got recently interested with the subject. Living at the present time in China, I am a french citizen.

  2. Sova

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    The surname sounds French. Were you ancestors Frenchmen living in Ostrva, or Czech of French descent?

    As for a place to start, you may try contacting the city archive directly. Although they have an English webpage for the city, the archive page,, is only in Czech. They do have a research group there, which does research for about $7 to $15 per hour, plus extra for photocopies (price list in Czech
  3. yann

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    Thank you very much for the answer!
    I can't find french persons with my name in France. And it is not a french surname. I was looking on an internet site and most of the "ILLE" are from Finland around 1500 or later, in Czechoslovakia in 1700-1800, or Bavaria in Germany in 1900. Of course, the name could have changed with time.
    I thank you for the information about the Ostrava archives and it is a good place to start. My knowledge of the czech language is very limited and any help is wellcomed.
    take care,

  4. yann

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    Could you look in the Census and official webpage of the Ministor of Interior for me? I can only find first name information and nothing of surname because my czech language is limited; I would like to find out how many ILLE are in the czech Republic.

    thank you in advance! dekuji!

  5. Sova

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    96 (source). I found a few in the online phonebook: (Praha=1, Jihočeský=8, Jihomoravský=6, Karlovarský=1, Královéhradecký=1, Liberecký=1, Olomoucký=2, Pardubický=2, Ustecký=1, Vysočina=2, but none in Moravskoslezský, where Ostrava is located). Note there are similar surnames found (e.g. Illek) as well.
  6. Jari

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    Hello Yann,
    My maiden surname is ILLEOVA, I was born near Jindrichuv Hradec - South Czech. I am interested in Family Tree ILLE. I got as far as year 1710 - Leopoldus Ille was miller at Kotrcuv Mlyn in Maly Jenikov. Our branch is mostly in South Czech - Cizkrajov, My grandfather was born in Velky Jenikov. They were millers & backers. It looks like Leopoldus Ille came from Austria - that time Austrian Hungarian Empire. Now name ILLE is in Brno, Praha, North & West Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, England.
    I find ( that the surname ILLE is of Anglo-Saxon origin. The family name was first referenced in the 13th century when they held estates in the county Norfolk.


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