"In God I trust" in Czech - translation please?

Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by cbensch, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. cbensch

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    Very simple. I wish to have "In God I trust" tattooed on my lower back to represent my faith and my family heritage. But, I need to make sure it is proper! Who knows what people might have me tattooed with!!!
  2. cbensch

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    For those of you who may be curious, the translation closest to this would be, "Verim v boha," meaning "I believe in God." Additionally, you may also say "Duverim v boha" which translates to "when the time comes I will rely on God." I see some people are looking at my original post and I thought you'd be curious as to the answer. Thanks Eva, Darren and Michael for your help. :D
  3. Halef

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    I think Czech does not have such a strong, proclamative phrase as "In God I trust" in English. "Věřím v Boha" is closest, but ito doesn't have that power :)

    "Duverim v Boha" is wrong, it should be "Důvěřuji Bohu", which means somethink like "I confide in God". I am not very good in these slight language nuances :)
  4. Dana

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    The way I feel the difference between the two is "Věřím v Boha" = "I believe in God" (in general), "Důvěřuji Bohu" = "I trust God" (I trust that He will protect me, guide me, etc.).

    I wonder what Eva, Darren and Michael suggested. Would have been interesting to read their posts here.

  5. Halef

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    Yes, I have the same feeling... For me, "věřím v Boha" means " I believe that God exists".
  6. strommuu

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    Not to hijack this thread, but does anyone know if there is an online bible, koran, or torah-- but in czech?

  7. Sova

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    I would say "Verim Bohu" (note the absence of the preposition "v" and the use of the dative case instead of accusative). This construct means more "to trust [in] someone," while using the verb associated with faith ("verit"). That is the main reason I would choose this as opposed to "Duveruji Bohu." The phrase "Verim v Boha", in contrast, is most commonly meant in the context of "I believe God exists," as others have pointed out, rather than suggesting a deeper relationship with God.
  8. Sova

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    After a brief web search, I found a good site with text available in three translations: Ekumenicky preklad (modern translation), Kralicka (original Czech translation from the late 16th century) and Slovo na Cestu (one I'm not familiar with):


    If you like crossreferencing, here is another link to the Bible Kralickeho with hyperlinked crossreferences. It's a little harder to read, given the transcriber's choices of referencing symbols and overall format, but the crossreferencing with hyperlinks is very convenient:


    I don't know much about the Koran or Torah, so I won't try to advise you there. (Sorry for continuing the tangent :) )

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