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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Kit, May 7, 2005.

  1. Kit

    Kit Member

    Dear everyone!

    I'm visiting Prague with my 10-year-old son who is interested in everything that have wheels. Is there a museum of transport or a technical museum? Maybe there's something like "Nemo" museum
    where you can touch things or work in a lab?
  2. evian

    evian Well-Known Member

    Hi! :D
    A very ideal choice is the Muzeum MHD in Patočkova (west of Praha 1). This museum has a large collection of public transportation vehicles (incl. Trams, buses ...) from all different time periods. I have not visited here, but I have read that is an excellent option for children as they are allowed to climb into some of the vehicles.
    I have also found their website for you:
    I hope this helps. :D
  3. szarkafarka

    szarkafarka Well-Known Member

  4. Kit

    Kit Member

    Thanks a lot, Jason and Szarkafarka!
    After the visit to these places I will report what we would see there.
    Have a nice Sunday!
  5. Kit

    Kit Member

    Hello, Jason!

    I've tried to get to the site of the museum you've recomended but the screen just goes blank, I don't know why. However, in one Russian guidebook I found short information about "National Public Transport Museum", which is situated in Prague 6 in the building of former train station. Is it the very museum you had written about or smth completely different?

    And one more question. A friend of ours has just returned from Prague and said they had visited "Medieval Museum" 'somewhere in the centre'. Their children got dressed in the 16th century clothes and watched a play about knights. Of course, this guy doesn't remember the name of the street. Do you have any idea where this magis place is? I tried to find smth myself via 'google' and the first page gave 3 references to 'Medieval torture museum' :evil: .
    I wonder who ever can bring his/her child there, but judging by the comments of visitors a lot of parents did... :shock:

    We are leaving for Prague on Saturday. My son is counting hours...
  6. evian

    evian Well-Known Member

    Hi Katja,
    Yes, that is exactly the museum I was talking about, located in Patočkova, Prague 6.
    Unfortunately I have not heard of a 'medieval museum', I could not find any information about it either. Are you sure that is the name? The only museum I know of with 'medieval' is the Medieval Torture Museum.
    Sorry I could not help you on this, but no doubt you will still have a great time in Prague! :D
    Have fun and take care, (I wish I was going!)
  7. Kit

    Kit Member

    Thank you, Jason!

    You helped me a lot! If I manage to found this mysterious medieval place I'll write a report.

  8. szarkafarka

    szarkafarka Well-Known Member

    It is not a museum, but an exposition in the National Agricultural Museum (near the National Technical Museum in Letná). -

    Středověk je když ...

    Výstava se koná ve dnech 13. května 2005 – 31. srpna 2005 v Národním zemědělském muzeu v Praze (Praha 7 – Letná, Kostelní 44, v sále č. 153 v 1. patře) a je otevřena denně, mimo pondělí, od 9 do 12 hod. a od 12:30 do 17 hod.
  9. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    Quote: "National Public Transport Museum", which is situated in Prague 6 in the building of former train station. .." You can take an old fashion tram ride from there through the Prague.
  10. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    It is obviously too late for you, but for benefit of others there is another "wheels" thing: From Old town square (Staromestske namesti) where you will definitely go, you can take horse drawn carriage for about 20 min. ride. I forgot hom much is is, but knew it before and you can probably look for it on this Board.

    Also, just taking Metro and street car is very nice. Get pass for number of days you are there. Good street car number is 22 which will take you nice route, great for getting on and off Tram no.22: Tesco department store, National Theatre, over the river, Petrin ( get off at Ujezd and take venicular up and down the hill....same tram ticket) from there you can walk to Prague Little, then walk to Malostranske nam/or one stop... get to walk over Charles bridge and back...also see Kampa under the bridge), then continue by tram all the way to the Castle..get off at Pohorelec (one stop after the castle to see greater area of Castle...

    Have a good time you all.
  11. petri

    petri Well-Known Member

    In the Male namesti you can have a ride in a car from 1930´s! (Praga-car)

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