IOL or in german SDSL or Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line

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    we are searching for a provider that deal with such technologie connecting our company in MOST.

    SDSL = Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line, means a very fast internetconnection.

    In Germany almost every user could order the so called SDSL.

    Because of the language we cant hardly find a company.

    Do you know a company?

    Greetings from Germany
  2. Karel

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    I`ve done a brief search on SDLS speeds and got the information that it`s up to 3Mpbs. It shouldn`t be an issue to reach such "supersonic" speeds with Czech ADSL providers, I suppose. If Halef`s around, he`ll fill us in on the latest development in Czech cyber space. Maybe.

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  4. Halef

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    Maybe :)

    Karel is right, Czech providers call "broadband" a 512 kb line...

    Apart from Nextra, Bluetone also seems to provide SDSL (Czech only web), with speeds up to 4 Mbit. The problem is, it is not available in Most. In fact, it is hardly available anywhere in the country, ADSL is the top metalic technology today :(

    So it seems you can either get stupid ADSL, or try another way. I would go for Wifi, it can be as fast as 11 Mbps. There should be some providers in Most, there are two in our small town of 5000.
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    in Brno you can get 3048kbs/256kbs (between its users 10Mbit) just for around 1000kč per month and without data limits - you can literally download the heck out of anyone. The company is called Netbox. (its perhaps the best net in the country when compared to price)

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