Is it safe for a girl to walk around Prague at night?

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by orange, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. orange

    orange Member

    Hi. I'm traveling to Czech by myself for the first time next summer.
    Is it safe for a girl to walk around Prague at night?
    And how late is too late for a girl to walk around?

    Many thanks,
    Orange :roll:
  2. Sam

    Sam Active Member

    Hi Orange,
    This is almost unanswerable as it depends on the individual & being streewise.
    Although I am not a girl I am well travelled & lived in Prague for 2 years. In my opinion Prague is a very safe city if you're not stupid, of course there are 'street risks' like any city, but I'd consider Prague much safer at night than any city in UK.
    I think the Czech girls on this forum would agree that as long as you keep 'aware' & stay in well lit streets you would be very unlucky to have a problem.

    Enjoy your trip
  3. Kristían

    Kristían Member

    hi "orange". for what reason are you travelling alone? i am just wondering because i am also travelling alone to cz this summer.
  4. orange

    orange Member

    No particular reason, really.
    None of my friends are really interested in visiting Prague, and I don't think that should stop me from visiting such a magical place so I'm going by myself.
    Why are "you" traveling alone?

    Orange :)
  5. Kristían

    Kristían Member

    same reason. my freinds arent into travelling to europe either and my family is czech, and im graduating in june so this is the best time to go.
  6. orange

    orange Member

    Shame, your friends aren't interested in Czech either, but I'm sure both us will have a kick-ass time in Prague!!!
    Orange :D

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