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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by pismomalir, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. pismomalir

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    In about a week I'm going to start a cycling trip from Jicin to Plzen. I have a month and would like to visit the most interesting places in that part of the country.

    The loose route at the moment is Jicin-Turnov-Mala Skala-Liberec/Jested-Czech Switzerland-Usti-Terezin/Litomerice-Hora Rip-Melnik-Budec-the mining areas around Most and Chomutov-the spa towns-Loket-Cheb and then finishing up in Plzen.

    I don't care at all about getting from A to B as quickly as possible-far more important is to make sure I don't miss too many interesting places, as I may never have the chance to do this trip again.

    If you know that part of the country well, do you see any glaring omissions; are there any especially beautiful cycle trails that I should be following and do you have any favourite cafes, restaurants or pubs that you'd be willing to tell about? Or good value places to stay?

    Is there somewhere along that route that would be especially good for mushroom hunting in late Sept-early October? If I want to learn about beer making should I go to Zatec or be content with Plzen?

    Thanks in advance for any hints, tips or advice.
  2. Sigma

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    I recently stayed two-nights in Třebušín (small village 10km north of Litomerice) and thought the area was beautiful. Lots of winding roads, and small villages scattered around the hills. Looked like a perfect place for cycling.

    Privat Trojhora was a good value at 290kc a room per night. It is located about 600m outside of the village. Restaurace Pod Kalichem, in the village ,served huge portions of standard Czech fare.
  3. pismomalir

    pismomalir Member

    Thanks JP, I'll be passing right through there and both places sound like just what I'm looking for; Cheers!
  4. Sova

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    I assume if you're biking from Jičín to Trutnov, you mean to head through Český Ráj/Bohemian Paradise (to not do so would be a crime of cosmic proportions!!). Anyway, I could easily spend a week or more on a bike just in Český Ráj. Some suggestions: Hruboskalsko--great bike paths through narrow ravines/canyons, Prachovské Skaly, Kalich, Sychrov, Kost, Trosky. In short I could recommend several other places as well, but you'd spend half of your month there.

    Anyway, here are a few good links: (tourist trails with detailed directions) (Photogallery--Zamky = "chateaus"; Hrady = "castles"; Skalní města a útvary = "Rocky places and rock formations"; Čtenářská fotogalerie = Reader's photogallery) (detailed maps of trails)
  5. wer

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    To go from Jičín to Plzeň via Trutnov is hardly a good idea, as is not to go from Jičín to Trutnov through Český ráj.

    You definitely mean Turnov, Trutnov lies in the foothills of Giant Mountains.
  6. pismomalir

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    Thanks Sova! I've been to Cesky Raj twice before and plan to base myself in Jicin for two nights and then Turnov for two nights. I hope to quickly visit Kost Castle again and Trosky, Hruba Skala and Valdstejn for the first time. Obviously there will also be some beautiful areas in between those destinations, but I'll follow the links you provided and check out Sychrov and Kalich now... Thanks :D

    Thanks for the spelling lesson wer, but it's sova you need to be indignant with, not me :?

    And in any case Jicin to Plzen via Trutnov could be a very nice trip for one month...Jicin-Turnov-Liberec-Krkonose-Trutnov-Kuks-Hradec Kralove-Pardubice-Chrudim-Hermanuv Mestec-Kutna Hora-Ledec nad Sazavou-Tabor-Pisek-Klatovy-Plzen. Maybe one and a half months, but very nice nonetheless...
  7. Sova

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    Oops! Thanks, wer! That's what happens when the brain gets rusty ... :)
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