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Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by danishgirl, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. danishgirl

    danishgirl Member

    my friend is down and depressed . how do i say

    everything is gonna be okay

    cheer up
  2. Alena

    Alena Well-Known Member

    I'd say: Všechno bude v pořádku. Hlavu vzhůru.
  3. MK

    MK Well-Known Member

    or phrase: "Bude lépe!" ("Bude líp!" in Common Czech) for "Všechno bude v pořádku."
  4. danishgirl

    danishgirl Member

    So that's what means "cheer up " ?
    And which one of the two suggestions do I use ?
  5. Alena

    Alena Well-Known Member

    everything is gonna be okay - "všechno bude v pořádku" or "bude (zase) líp/lépe" (will be better (again))
    You can add "neboj". The sentence'd be "Neboj, bude (zase) líp/lépe".
    cheer up - "hlavu vzhůru"
  6. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    Hvordan har du det, danishgirl? Just to add to what Alena said, "hlavu vzhůru" literally means "[Keep your] head up," or in English, one might say "Chin up!"
  7. danishgirl

    danishgirl Member

    WHAU ! Im am very impressed. And you remembered the "komma" !

    By the way, how would you my name "HELLE", a sweet diminutive ?
    You cant say "Helka", can you ?

    Pusu :)
  8. MK

    MK Well-Known Member

    I think diminutive for Helle is like for Helena so Helča or Helenka.

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