Kafka - places of interest??

Discussion in 'Culture' started by magneto, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. magneto

    magneto New Member

    Hi there, can anyone help. My friend is coming to visit Prague and he is a big fan of Kafka. Are there any places you could sugest we visit that have a link to Kafka?? :?:

    I would like to suprise him with some places he would enjoy. Thanks for any help. :)

  2. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Look here:

    http://www.franzkafka-soc.cz/index.php? ... ch&lang=en

    and here:

    Eventually, you can go to some Czech local authority office and try get some papers or visa or something like this and undergo real Kafka experience - in Czech bureaucracy is kafkism live and kicking! :)
  3. magneto

    magneto New Member

    :D Thanks so much for all your help!! Hopefully I can now do a great impersonation of a Kafka tour guide! :wink:
  4. wesley

    wesley Member

    Eso, I just wrote a long, depressing rant about Czech vs. American culture. I ended by saying I wish I could balance it with good American points and bad Czech points. I thought I would distract myself with this topic, and, BOY DID YOU CHEER ME UP! I laughed out loud long and hard.

    Oh, dear yes. Czech bureaucracy is a mystical experience. You begin the journey with a goal, but slowly, inevitably, you lose what will you have, all sense of Self drains away. You become One With The System. You are enlightened into the Tao: there is no end to the journey, the journey is all. Your boulder will slip from your grasp just as you near the summit, and you will never, ever be told why you are on trial, or what evidence you should produce.

    Indeed, why bother taking a friend around to musty old Kafka sites to take pictures when you can have him experience the :twisted: Kafka Experience :twisted: first hand. Take him to apply for a long-term visa, or just have something translated, officially certified, and notarized. He will thank you, I'm sure. :wink:

    Eso, :D Thanks for cheering me up. I am indebted to you. [/quote]

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