Karel Gott - Adresát neznámý and Rio de Janeiro

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    A friend has sent me a song by Karel Gott called Adresát neznámý, and it really resembles me a Beatles' song, I cannot say which, but it really does sound like Beatles, could anyone tell me if it is a Czech version of a song by Beatles?

    Also, when searching for extra information about the song, unfortunelly my Czech is very poor (I've started learning it only a few months ago) and I cannot read websites in Czech about Karel Gott, I found out that he has a song named Rio de Janeiro. I would like to know if anyone has it's lyric and if possible, also the song, once I live in Rio de Janeiro and it's really interesting to know that Karel Gott has sung (perhaps written) a song about my city.

    This song seems to be part of In mir klingt ein Lied album.

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    Adresát neznámý” (= Recipent Unknown) is cover version of the Beatles song “From me to you”.
    Yes, there is such a song, but I failed to find the lyrics. It’s quite difficult to google it, because “Rio de Janeiro” and “Karel Gott” leads always to the famous “Lady Carneval” song which won some music contest in Rio de Janeiro.

    That’s only a German compilation.
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    The lyrics is here, the author is Jiří Štaidl..
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    Děkuji vám ještě jednou!

    Wer, if I understood well, Karel Gott won a music contest here in Rio de Janeiro? O, the Czech - Brazilian relations go further than I imagined.

    Karel_lerak, this website where you found the lyric seems to be very nice. Later I'll try to find the song. And I'll try to translate the song by myself, it's a way to improve my Czech, if I have some doubts (probably will) I ask for help here in the forum.

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