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    BASICally it could be done this way:
    10 INPUT "How many lines do you want: ", N
    20 FOR I = 1 TO N
    30 PRINT "You are ";
    40 PRINT RandomNonsense
    50 NEXT I
    60 END
    You are sugar and salt,
    you are nothing,
    you are more,
    you are joy,
    you are pain,
    you are everything I have at the bottom of my spoon.

    You are angel and a cold sore on my lip,
    You are good luck as when Baník¹ defeats Sparta² and also a nail behind my eyelid.

    You are a cigarette lighting in the darkness,
    you are a novel written in one simple sentence,
    you are an aria with two fingerings,
    you are the last breathing out and the eternal breathing in.

    You are a shiver in my spine,
    you are a queue in Tesco store,
    you are a book of wisdom and rubbish.

    You are…

    Well, I’m already sick of the translation. :D

    ¹ a football (soccer) team from Ostrava
    ² a football (soccer) team from Prague
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    Děkuji Wer for your help. :wink: It means alot :!:
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    Hilarious, wer!
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    :) Similar concept as Manu Chao - Me gustas tu.

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