language exchange-GERMAN, SPANISH or ENGLISH (I offer Czech)

Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by Leni, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Leni

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    my name is Lenka, I study in Prague, at the University of Economics.
    I love learning foreign languages (although I don't have much time for that lately) and would like to improve my German (especially), English and Spanish.
    I would be pleased to teach you some Czech. For me, teaching someone my mother tongue is just fun, so if you're interested, don't hesitate to send me a message :).
    As to my language skills, I think they are very poor (although I like learning languages) and this might be a good way to improve them.

    I can speak in English "the best", then German and Spanish. I have been learning Spanish for just one year, so I can't speak or understand it much yet, but this may soon change :).
  2. RaphaelNL

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    Ahoj, Lenka,

    it's a real pity that you are located in Prague. I am looking for exactly what you 'offer' but Brno is my once per 2-or-3-weeks location. You don't have friends/relatives in Brno by coincidence who are also interested? :)

    I wish you succes with finding a better candidate.
    Greets from Raphaël!
  3. Leni

    Leni New Member

    Raphaël: Sure I do have friends in Brno, but I am afraid none of them is interested because if they were, they would find a way to find someone for the language exchange.
    I can't help you, sorry.
    Good luck :).
  4. RaphaelNL

    RaphaelNL Member

    Ahoj, Leni,

    děkuju za ´reply´ ;-) and pity that you can't help me so far but at least it was worth a try, že?

    Let me do a spontaneous proposal: should I be in Prague in the near future, then we can maybe meet for a coffee or lunch or whatever and chat a bit in one of the languages you prefer and czech in return. I know, it's maybe tricky if you never met the guy but ... the same counts for me, isn't it? Joke!

    N.b., there is a small chance, that I will be in Prague from Friday-evening (afternoon-flight from Brno, arrives at 16:15, then by taxi to hotel near Charlesbridge, check in etcetera....) and hm, wild guess, maybe from 18:00 I could be available for some food&drink&language experiment ;-) So should you be interested, just let me know but again, it's not yet 100% sure. On the other hand, a 'yes' from your side cóúld be one more reason to pass by in your beautifull city.

    Itś up to you. Mnoho pozdravů, měj se!

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