laptop/passport safety in dorms (charles university)?

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    Ahoj! I will be studying in Charles University from this August to December. I will be staying in their dormitory, Kolej Komenskeho. I was wondering --

    1. I am not familiar of the safety leaving my stuff in the dorms, especially my laptop. Should I bring a lock? Get insurance? Have there been break ins (for instance, by cleaning people)?

    2. I am also concerned about leaving my passport in my room, although I know I should bring ID everywhere I go. When in doubt, I will bring my passport with me always ...but is this necessary?

    I have heard of thefts in hotels, but not much in dormitories there. I am generally concerned of the safety of my things there, any theft of student possessions and such. Thank you!
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    My daughter just got back from her semester abroad at Charles and she stayed in the same dorm. Neither she nor any of her friends had any problems with theft in the dorm or in the city. She left her laptop in the dorm very often. She did not carry around her passport. Do always carry around your student ID and your tram pass, however.

    The only risk to your belongings is minimal - very minimal- and it is in crowded touristy areas. Do not speak loudly or call attention to yourself and you should be fine. Observe this rule on the trams and trains too. Just be aware of your surroundings. Prague is a very safe and clean city.

    We walked anywhere, even late at night and felt safe.

    Take advantage of every cultural opportunity. Rent a paddle boat with friends and float on the river. Climb Petrin Hill and take in the city. Go to the clubs. Eat lots of Czech food, and when you feel homesick go to the Bohemian Bagel instead of McDonalds.

    You are in for a big treat. Just be warned, Prague will infect you with its beauty and the people will crawl into your heart. You will never want to leave.

    If you want to email my daughter to ask about her experience, send me a private message and I will give you her address.

    Have a great time!
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    Ah, yes - a real American style breakfast with eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. A nice little bit of a cure for homesickness.

    And, Jama's has a good hamburger and great Buffalo style chicken wings.

    I love Czech food but, as you can see from my picture, I like food in general so any kind is welcome - always a new experience.

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