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Discussion in 'General Language' started by kbuk, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. kbuk

    kbuk New Member

    I would like to start learning how to speak Czech, but I have a small problem. I want to buy one of the audio books to help me learn, but I can only find products that use tape. Unfortunately I only own a CD player. Can anyone recommend a product that is CD based?
  2. czpauly

    czpauly Member

    I have the same dilemna....

    what's a cassette???

    ha ha ha

    Actually, my problem is that I need an advanced one to work on the czech that I currently know... I saw some in a book store in Prague, and I curse myself for not buying them.

    The writers of "Czech, Step by Step" (czech writers/publishers, etc) do offer CDs. I only found them in the bookstore though :)
  3. Joss

    Joss Active Member

    Eurotalk make great interactive CD's for beginers. They also no do one for intermediate level students. This is a game base memory learning tool and is friendly. It also has good audio so you can hear correct pronunciation.

  4. uuspoiss

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    I have one that is called "Colloquial Czech - The Complete Course for Beginners" by James Naughton. At least the 2004 version has the audio parts on both cassettes and CD-s.

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