Discussion in 'Business' started by rrc, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. rrc

    rrc Active Member

    Does anyone know of a generic lease agreement I could download? I'm not sure if there are like.. open source/free leases out there..

    It would be great if it was in Czech and English and just your basic lease.

    I need to rent out my spare room...

  2. CU

    CU Member

    assuming you are the owner of the flat? If not, it would not be valid anyway. Employees sign non disclosure agreements, non competitive agreements, etc. yet they are non enforceable under the present laws. They exist, but for what reason I have no idea. I can send you a lease agreement if you own.
  3. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    See this article about lease (example included).
    That is not right. Sublease is also possible (this article). Of course, owner's approval is obligatory.
    Every valid contract is enforceable. There is no a priori reason to dispute the validity of agreements CU wrote about.

    Rrc, because you asked for a Czech lease, I assume you understand (at least a little) Czech articles I post here (sorry, I didn't found English example of Czech lease). This site is no juridical translation service, but possibly we can help you with some small translation. Just post it here.
  4. CU

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    if she is not the owner, then the owner would be the one to sign the sublease, an agreement between a foreigner that is not an owner and a stranger would not be enforceable. We visit our attorney weekly, not once has he thought it wise to try to enforce a contract that our employees signed, be it their termination, non disclosure or competition agreements. The costs outweight the outcome.

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