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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by eyesmax, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. eyesmax

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    Hi all,

    Last visit to Prague was in Feb which was a SALE TIME. really it was great to see that. here in my country usauly they don't do the SALE exactlly they are chitting people.

    anyway, I am trying to discover new places to go shopping but this time I don't want to go to malls and the shops in the square. I just thinking of the BUPLIC MARKET which ordinary people go to.

    in the malls I will find ZARA, MANGO, NEWLOCKER and many things which are in my home or nearby. so, if anyone can tell me about some thing local it would be nice :D

    also I want to ask about something, do you have publice markect as the sunday market or some thing like it... i like to see who Czech People ordnary life and culture.

    thank you,l
  2. Polednikova

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    The Czechs don't really 'do' markets in the same way as in the UK, particularly in the North where I'm from, or the Middle East although I speak from limited experience, only having been to Dubai twice and on both occasions, it was so hot that I spent most of my time in the hotel pool!

    But here are two places I go to to shop.


    This is a large, sprawling market full of Vietnamese-run stalls, who don't mind you haggling. The website makes it look more glamorous than it is but I go there regularly for cheap shirts for the boyfriend to wear to work - he's a Chemistry teacher and is prone to get chemicals on them :x They do have a small food section but not as big or varied as food markets in other parts of the world, which is one thing I do miss here.


    The other place I go is the Fashion Arena in Prague 10, an outlet centre selling 'ends of lines' from well-known shops. All I could find quickly was this review. The reviewer didn't find much for her on her visit but I think the main thing with these places is that you've got to be lucky. I go every couple of months and usually find at least one good bargain. I particularly like Salamander for shoes and handbags.
  3. eyesmax

    eyesmax Well-Known Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: lololololllll

    yes, it is too hot in Dubai if you are planning to come, try to make it from Nov to Feb. the weather became nice.

    anyway thank you for the Info you gave me. I liked the first one and I will have a look in the other.

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