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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by on_my_toes, Apr 9, 2006.

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    I will be moving to Pargue sometime next month. Can anyone help me with the approximate living costs = rent(1 room apt) + food + transportation + phone bills + other utils. Thanks in advance.

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    As with any such question, it is not possible to answer. So much depends on your lifestyle and how much you will be paying for rent, if you cook simple meals at home or eating out.........

    0. Rent, I have seen most reasonable for 12.000 Kc/mo. That would be 1+1 (kitchen and one room or more - depending on area or if it is furnished or not (get furnished, furniture is expensive to buy).

    1. Check how much Metro pass is for length of time you will be staying - that will be your transportation cost Unless going on trip, that is all you need. Having/renting car in Prague is burden.

    2. I pay cca 400 Kc for telephone line (with ONLY evening/weeikends local calls "free") and another 400 Kc for internet connection by Telecom any additional phone calls during office hours are added.If you phone someone on their cell phone, it comes more expensive than calling USA/Can. I would count on 1.000 Kc/month for that.

    3. Somebody else can let you know re utilities as I pay same amount every month which they calculate annually and then I either pay and receive difference. You pay for gas and electrocity.

    4. For household budget (not including above expenses) I would allow cca $50/person/week, but that is just my quess. It includes drugstore items, but mostly groceries for home and inexpensive theatre tickets, occasional movie and entry fee. Not much luxury by Western standards, but comfortable. This is absolutely NOT amount you would need being tourist.

    Hope someone else who has charge of their budget in regular everyday life in Prague will comment. When I live there there is always something more I have to pay for, but it is my estimate. More or less it is similar as per one member of our family in Canada (who has everything). Not buying clothes or anything substantial.

    If you run your own household/life style, I would count same as you spend at home - at best you will be pleasantly surprised - at worst it will come to same.

    I am curious to see comments of other members who live in Prague. Stories about cheap living are long time gone. They usually originated from times right after 1990/

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