Looking for a child's Czech book!

Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by cubananasplits, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. cubananasplits

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    Help!! When I was a kid ,my mom had a book which was my very favorite. I think the name of it was, something like, HVEZDA KLARA ,,I think there was something before the HVEZDA . It was about a little girl with something around her head ( a crown of stars ? )and she sat on a crescent shaped moon..It was more of a bedtime book. Anyone know the title please let me know...I want to try to find it & hopefully I will! Barb
  2. meluzina

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    maybe this is it?

    Zvědavá hvězda Klára by Zdeněk Kamil Slabý illustrated by
    Věra Faltová -- 1st edition -- Prague: Orbis, 1972.
  3. babicka

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    On that same subject of children's bedtime stories, could anyone recommend some good Czech books with beautiful and/or eye catching illustrations?
  4. cubananasplits

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    Hi... I just found a web site with a whole bunch of Czech stories:

    http://search.centrum.cz/asc/index.php? ... 4&vat=1&q=

    Hope you find what your looking for. I'm still looking for my book-Zvedava Hvezda Klara and I'm having no luck. I would like to know if there is a place in the Czech Republic that sells old childrens' books and if they might have this particular one! Please let me know... I am so crushed that I can't find this book...I know it's an old one too! Any leads,please email me! Barb

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