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    I am planning on taking a trip to Czech this coming year. I am trying to search out some ancestors. But i am having no luck at all!!!

    The last names would be... Vanac, Kubat, Dlabach

    i tried looking up online through the czech phone book but im just confused!! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!!
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    You can then narrow your search by using the links on the left to filter by Person (Osoby) or Business (Firmy), or by region (e.g. Karlovarský = near Karlový Vary).
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    Yeah it is difficuilt finding ancestors in eastern europe due to the fact Nazis destroyed parish records during occupation. The best way is to ask relatives about your Czech history and traceing back to a place in the Czech republic. I was trying to trace my Polish ancestory without much luck until a Polish guy working here in the UK forwarded the known details to a Polish Professor who reads ancestory at university and I'm awaiting results. Perhaps a similar option could be opened for you via contacting a Czech university. GOOD LUCK. Ark1tec.
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    I know this post is a few years old, but adding this just in case it still notifies:

    I'm researching Vanacs as well - my grandfather was Josef Vanac from Zamlyn in the Czech Republic. He emigrated to NY around 1906, as did a few of his sisters.

    He met my grandmother, Marie Simanek here in NY, but she came originally from a hometown near to his: Predmir.

    You can see all of the Vanacs I have in my tree so far at the following links - the surname doesn't seem very common, so would love to hear from anyone researching them as well.

    http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin ... &recno=528


    Since my mother has given me a lot of info already, much of the genealogy work I need to do on my Czech side probably needs to be done back in the Czech Republic.

    I've been wrestling with my Irish side much more, but have been trying a few various ways to see if I could find any Czech cousins online - no luck yet.

    The Czech surnames I am researching (or planning) so far: Vanac, Simanek, Klecka, Straka, Klima


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