Looking for Czech Republic Football shirt (not a joke)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by villepv, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. villepv

    villepv Member

    Hi to everyone!

    I found this board when I was looking for a sportshop from Czech Republic to get a football shirt, which is hard to find. I live at Finland and I'm a big fan of Pavel Nedved. The one I'm looking for is a Czech Republic football away shirt with long sleeves. I have checked many e-stores, but they doesn't have this one.

    So I'm just wondering if anyone got an idea of a Czech sportshop, which I could contact with this matter?

    p.s: Goodluck to European Championships 2004! :D

    regards, Ville
  2. Rushy

    Rushy Member

    try going on the english slavia prague message bored, think its www.slavia.cz not 100% sure tho, the web master/editor will know where you can get one from he is generally pretty good.
  3. villepv

    villepv Member

    Thanks, I will do that. :D
  4. MikeStribrny

    MikeStribrny Member

    I don't know about the national team, but they have heaps of local team shirts (especially Sparta) all over the place. Maybe you get someone you know to get you one, or drive down or something. I dunno, just an idea.

    - Mike
  5. villepv

    villepv Member

    Thanks for your help! I just got a message, which says that Puma doesn't release a long sleeved version for sale. Gotta give up, cause the only way is to get a gameworn shirt (sounds quite impossible). :roll:
  6. mongomonk

    mongomonk New Member

    Where can i find any replica Nedved czech republic away shirt? i am also a big fan of him after watching the euro 2004 game last nite. i can only find czech national team replicas but i'd like to find a nedved away shirt either long or shortsleeved. thanks.
  7. villepv

    villepv Member

  8. mongomonk

    mongomonk New Member

    where can i find away shirt with nedved name on it and number 11?
  9. villepv

    villepv Member

    From the link, which I posted already. I tried to explain, that you have to pay 12.5 pounds extra to get the number and the name to the shirt, which you want.

    On the site's main menu you see the section numbering -> http://www.subsidesports.com/uk/store/c ... sp?pid=100

    Hope, you get it. :wink:
  10. Epizza

    Epizza New Member

    Hi, I'm also looking for a Nedved shirt and had a look at that site - Subside - but it looks like the name and numbering cant be done for the Czech shirt. For example if u click on the Itlay Euro 2004 shirt there is the option for numbering but on the czech shirt there is no option for numbering.
  11. villepv

    villepv Member

    I bet you can have the numbering on a Czech shirt. Just contact the store to get the answers. :wink:
  12. Petronela

    Petronela Well-Known Member

    there's always eBay, I usually start there whenever I'm looking for anything.....
  13. eleonora_16

    eleonora_16 New Member

    hey people,

    I'm from holland and i'm a big fan of Tomas Rosicky and a friend of mine bought his t shirt somewhere in czech rep. i don't know where, exactely. but i'm very happy with it :)

    at the 4th of september the are playing vs. holland in holland :D
  14. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    if you cant get one there, I live here and will help. I once had to send some hair growth formular to a french guy, he said he couldn't buy it outside of Czech- months later he also said it worked great, sent him three subsequent orders! Let me know...
  15. eleonora_16

    eleonora_16 New Member

    Yeah well, that would be great, but it seems they are really expensive, like 70 euros or something :( but if there is one from rosicky in the out shirt (the white one) that that would be great :lol:
  16. sherman

    sherman Member

    I was able to find a replica Nedved jersey at www.ebay.com. Two shirts cost me $35 including shipping. Hopefully, more will be available with they're great showing (albeit unfortunate loss to Greece) at the Euro Cup. Good luck
  17. sherman

    sherman Member

    their great showing that is!

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