Looking for guests from Cairo Hotel, Hama, March

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    Greetings to everyone,

    This post has to do with 32 yearold Nicole Vienneau, the Canadian backpacker that went missing March 31st while visiting Syria. She was last seen leaving Cairo Hotel, Hama, SYRIA.

    Searchers (her family and volunteers) are trying to track down two guests from Czech. This is the information that has been put together on these guests. Think they are actually from Brno in Moravia.

    Their names are : Andrei Pratchar (1970/12/2) could be Ondøej Prachaø
    Janac Aminkova (1979/10/9) could be Jana Kamínková

    The idea is to track down these guests to ask them if they remember talking to Nicole to add more information to the search. Any help is appericated!

    If anyone on here know these two guests please spread the word.

    For more information on Nicole see:
    http://vienneau.livejournal.com/39588.html (her brother's live journal)
    http://www.findnicolevienneau.com/ (website detailing information about Nicole and the search so far)

    Thank you for reading.
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    I'm sorry I have no info to help. However, I will continue to pray for her and her family/friends. :(

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