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  1. I am an American trying to plan ahead for my semester abroad. I am looking for a host family during the fall of 2010. (Long way away). However, I wanted to try to plan early. I am looking for an energetic host family that has members who are fluent in Czech, English, and German. This is obviously not a requirement, so, anyone who would be willing is fine, but I was hoping for this. Thanks!
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    I am posting on behalf of my friend. He recently moved to Brno and is co-habiting with a friend currently, however he is searching for a flat to rent alone or to share. If anybody has a room or flat available please contact us as he will be willing to begin renting as soon as possible.


  3. hahah could you maybe post this somewhere else?
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    Where do you want this host family to be? The Czech Republic is a large (-ish) place.... :)
  5. yeah i just realized how uninformed everyone is. I would like the host family to be located next to either charles university (prague) or Masaryk University (brno).

    Information about myself.
    -My name is Thomas Matoushek (some obvious czech roots there)
    -Currently I am 20 but I will be 21 at the time of studying abroad.
    -Hobbies: fotbal, music, languages, czech beer ;), etc...
    -Studying: International Business/German
    Hope to have a good knowledge of czech by the time i leave
    Did I miss anything?

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