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    My great grandmother, Anna Rakita, was born in Hungary, but she lived in Prague. My great grandfather Stephan Pavlik(name may have been spelled wrong on the Kron Prinzessin Cecilie ship) was born in prague. I am looking for any relatives with those same last names. We were told that when stephan came over... he left family in czech. We all speak a crazy mixture of czech, slovakian, austrian, and hungarian...... and 100 years have gone by... so relatives can pretty much be anywhere in the world. They both took the ship from Bremem to New York, USA and lived in Pennsylvania. If you have a similar last name, or anyone you know has a similar last name, please let us know!!! We'd love to meet new family!!!

    Thanks so much!!! / Děkuji

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    Name Pavlík or Pavlik is pretty common in Czech republic. Links bottom shows me almost 900 names of Pavlík and almost 550 of Pavlíková in Czech republic.
    Try this link for some connections - http://seznam.1188.cz/?forceUTF8=☺&q=Pavlík&x=45&y=25 (two pages) or this for women http://seznam.1188.cz/?q=Pavlíková&x=36&y=23.
    This link is for namě with short i (instead í) - http://seznam.1188.cz/?q=Pavliková&x=50&y=21 or http://seznam.1188.cz/?q=Pavlik&x=53&y=31.
    They are list of phone numbers. There are name, address, telephone number. The blue bottom shift you to a map. Green on the bottom to the further page. On left side are regions with number of the name wearers.
    Not easy choise. So - good luck!!!
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    The form Rakita is rare because of its non-Czech spelling. Czech form is Rokyta and it is quite common surname. Rokyta is archaic term form for sallow/willow or for a palm tree. In modern Czech, it is used only as a surname or in derived local names (Rokytná, Rokytnice, Rokycany…).
    The Slovak counterpart Rakyta is still in common use in its original meaning. The Polish form is Rokita.
    The Slovak form is used even in some Moravian dialects.
    Naturally, the usage of the surnames is not limited to the place of its origin, so all the forms could appear in any part of Central Europe.

    The form Rakita is either some strange mix of Slovak and Polish, or some archaic/dialectal spelling, or adjustment of original Rakyta to foreign (English?) spelling.

    Female forms of the surname takes “-ová” instead of the final “-a”.

    Pavlík is diminutive of Pavel which is Czech for Paul. Pavlíček is diminutive of Pavlík, i.e. double dimunitive of Pavel. Both Pavlík and Pavlíček are common surnames. Female forms are Pavlíková and Pavlíčková respectively.

    Pavlick is either foreign (English, German?) spelling of Pavlík, or mispelling of Pavlíček, or mispelling of Pavlický. Pavlický (female form Pavlická) is common surname meaning “comming from Pavlice”. Pavlice is common local name based on the name Pavel.
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    Hello..my mother and grandparents were Czech. My grandmother spoke only Czech..sadly..my mother taught us only English.
    I am on an ancestry site that says I have a second cousin with last name Rakyta. ( This seems to be the original Czech spelling.
    Meanwhile I have just sent him a message this morning.
    I always love to learn more about family or Czech heritage.
    I d love to hear from you!
    I'm new to this site!

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