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Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by Porkchop, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. Porkchop

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    is there anybody willing to help out a poor american boy learn some czech? (lol i'm just trying to pull you in with sympathy) i'm happy i found this forum today because it is very hard learning czech all alone by a book in an extremely small town (1,300 people). would anybody be so kind as to add me to thier msn or yahoo messenger and maybe give me some help and advice for this language? thanks.

    also i'm having trouble pernouncing some of the letters, like the one in the word for 'juice' (at least as far as i remember its the word for juice).
  2. marauder

    marauder Member

    Ahoj Porkchop ... sorry I can't help with msn etc but you will find lots of good stuff in the local lingo pages here and the audio is really useful. As for me I have been studying for 6 months or so and have found the James Naughton book good (although I do have a teacher once a week). It is testement to the book that on my last visit to CZ I could actually say a few things and understand "roughly" what people were saying.

    I guess the letter you mean is that R^ ..... totally impossible and the more you hear czech the more you realise that even they have trouble with it and it changes sound slightly in different words. I have heard it said that to be a cz politician you need a speech impediment as both presidents cannot say it !!! So don't worry to much about it.

    Above all have fun learning :)
  3. Porkchop

    Porkchop New Member

    danke! oops wrong language lol. thanks though for the relief, i was a bit demoralized by a few of the pernounciations. some of it was easy to pick up on because i know some german, but this seems more complicated and fun at the same time.
  4. denisa_j

    denisa_j Member

    Hi Porkchop,

    yeah "juice"=dzus(with apostrophe above"z"),pronounced same as "juice",but shortly.
    Why do you want to learn Czech anyway,English is an universal language,almost everyone I know speaks English.I'm more interested in Spanish and French.Czech is cool but you can't really use it as much unless you go to CR.
    But hey,don't mind my "butting",good for you if you want to learn Czech.Good luck.

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