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Discussion in 'Business' started by nasdaqit, Feb 25, 2006.

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    Vaclav Stepanek is a glass artist. I have been trying to find a website for him where I can see and buy/import his glass items. I already import other art glass from the Czech Republic. If anyone can give me a website I would really appreciate it.

    Or, if you know of a Czech glass artist who does work along the lines of Vaclav Stepanek or Igor Muller or Jan Zeman, I would appreciate that website also.

    Thank You very much.
  2. Dana

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    I looked and looked and it seems that Václav Štěpánek (Glass Studio Štěpánek) doesn't have a website. All I found was their address and phone number (from Seznam.cz):

    Ke Koupališti 1315
    473 01 Nový Bor
    Czech Republic

    Phone/Fax: (+420) 487 725 608

    You probably know the site for Jan Zeman, but if not, it's at www.silverglass.info.

    Beautiful stuff!

  3. nasdaqit

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    Thank You Dana, I have a collection of Zeman and I also import the glass art of Igor Muller. Igor is one of the best, you can see his work at www.glassmuller.com .
  4. Dana

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    Gorgeous! Thanks for the link!
  5. gypzy

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    Hi Dana and Nasdagit,

    I just looked at the links that both of you posted. Wow :eek: ! That's all I can say! And I can be long winded :lol: . Both artists do great work. Have you ever heard of Higins' art glass? They were a husband/wife team. I can't remember either of thier first names. I don't think they were Bohemian? They did have similar work, except the husbands work was alot of baked on color on the back of the work. He also did alot of work w/ gold on the glass.

    By 4 Now
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  7. gayla

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    I was wondering when Valcav Stepanek was born? I have a lovely vase of his and it has initials on bottom and also 03, is that 1903 or 2003?

    Please let me know, if you have the info.


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