looking for young czech wife to bring to America

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by boltthrower1, Feb 5, 2004.

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    Howdy Boltthrower, maybe I do have "allot to learn", but last time I checked, I thought it was "alot to learn"....good job. You seem to be a little sensitive when people give you constructive critisism. Typical for somebody like you to lash out with such jibberish defending your position, when the whole time, you're just coming to grips with your insecurities. It seems as if you have "allot" of advice to give other people, but when faced with the opposition...you freak out. Not surprising of a Boltthrower listener....here's some advice....don't listen to Boltthrower...it's white trash music.....oh, I'm sorry...I just said something totally unintelligent...."white trash". Can't be any worse than how you're throwing "retard" around. For somebody that's suppossed to be so cultured I believe the correct term is "mentally challenged"...you must be familiar with this, living in Texas and all.....I heard there were "allot" of "retards" there....clearly you proved my point.
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  3. boltthrower1

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    Oh darn, I couldn't resist, the temptation of your opinionated stupidity was just too great. Check it again, alot and allot are both acceptable. If you need literacy or grammar resources I can oblige you. No I'm not sensitive, just bored with morons giving their unwarrented opinions and really not offering anything challenging, and I certainly didnt see any constructive criticism coming from you, just alot of stupid questions on top of stupid opinions. You offer me amusement though, your funny. Being from Rhode Island, well, I don't really need to elaborate on the insignificance of that. Guess that sheep must have turned you down when you were in Texas to make you bitter about such a great state. That's ok though, not everyone is good enough to live in Texas. Oh wow, stooping to your level was not as difficult as I thought it would be. Lets try another one.....WAAAAAAAA! Ok, I'm bored with that level now. None the less, my numerous points continue to get proven over and over again and I applaud your lavish efforts. I intentionally left some contractions and misspellings in here, if your up to the challenge. Do you have an ACT III? Consider carefully your response because your tittering on boring me.
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    This thread is now locked because it has not only moved off topic but also turned into a series of personal attacks and insults, which is not what these boards are meant for. Please keep this in mind when using the boards and remember to use private messaging for personal exchanges that are unrelated to any existing topics.

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