Luhacovice Spa

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    Does anyone have any recommendations or advice on a Spa stay at Luhacovice? Don't be bashful,I need some help.
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    Info I've found states significant temperature differences between day and night. This large spa with international importance is the largest one in Moravia and has well-equipped facilities. It is located in the picturesque Olsava River valley. The spa treatment utilizes natural healing springs with hydrocarbonate-chloride-sodium mineral water, which is used in drinking, inhalation, and bath treatments. Mud is also used in the treatments. The spa is known for its treatment of non-specific respiratory diseases, digestive tract problems, and metabolic malfunctions. Luhacovice has a very beautiful location. Its appearance is further improved by the design of the spa buildings, many of which were inspired by Wallachian folk architecture. Hope this helps.

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