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Discussion in 'Food & Drink' started by ondrejana, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. ondrejana

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    Hello all, to my family on Cesko!

    We just returned from our long jaunt in the Praha, and wanted to ask on one matter: we must have hit about 6-10 various pekarny, as well as potraviny, and had the hardest time finding either kolace, buchty, or loupaky with solely a mak (poppy seed puree) filling.

    My husband hates it adulterated, either with jam or tvarohem, etc...anyone actually have an opinon of whatever happened to this tradition, please? Or even know of a place where they do indeed sell his one of his all-time favorites?

  2. Karel Fous

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    Hi, I am affraid, it is just due the price - poppy is more expensive, than apple jam. I also don't like thinning poppy seed.
    The best way is buy a mill for poppy sees and make a kolatche at home :D
    Similar situation is with nuts filling. We usualy have two main nuts - wallnuts and hazelnuts. But now is stupid custom thinned nuts by another "nuts" - peanut. It has two names at Czech - arašíd or burský oříšek (=nut of Boers).
    Is that answer not too late? :roll:

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