Male looking for PenPal of ANY age.Coming to Czech Rep.

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    I am a male in the United States, I ONLY speak English, but am coming to the Czech Rep. for 4 month vacation, and would be nice to have someone that can come along with me while Im there not to only show me around, but to get to know as well. I'll gladly pay your way, and pay a salary to anyone at any age that can show me around. Must be able to speak enough English for me to understand. Not sure how laws work in the Czech republic, so if your not old enough, or in school, feel free to e-mail me as a penpal, but will do NOTHING illegal! I will also have my "Lil" brother. Am part of an organization in the United States called Big Brothers Big Sisters of America where you volunteer to spend time with a child whom has no older siblings or older person to look up too. My Lil' brother is 12yrs of age, and would be nice for him to have children to meet to get to know the culture!
    Will be visiting diffrent areas of Czech Rep. so looking for people in diffrent areas!
    If you think you might be interested, please feel free to get into contact with me directly at: . Would perfer males only, although female might be okay. E-mail or IM me on Yahoo IM: wes28_78 so we can get to know each other!

    Hope to hear from several ppl soon!


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