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Discussion in 'Culture' started by punkrocker, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. punkrocker

    punkrocker Member

    hi, im off to prague from the uk on friday for 4 days on my own, im hoping to meet woman on my visit. do czech woman like english guys? where's the best place to be on a saturday night in prague to have a goodtime and meet people? ive never been before and im looking forward to a fun stay.
  2. Karel

    Karel Well-Known Member

    Hi Punkrocker,

    Yes, I think Czech women like English guys--can`t really tell whether it`s because of their looks, personality, or it`s simply because they`d like to swap the CR for the UK--I mean, if you`re at least average-looking, it shouldn`t be an issue. Well, I`ve seen some horrid male examples with some pretty ladies too. There`s always a chance. :D

    Assuming that you`re into punk and stuff, one of the most respected places in that regard is ROXY club. They do lots of gigs there, basically anything from rock to hard core, punk, trip-hop, you name it. Though I hear they have been forced to close at 10pm due to the excessive noise.

    Another place where lots of young people hang out is the place called KARLOVY LAZNE. Good vibes also.

    My last tip is MECCA. Though this place in particular is packed with foreigners, which might not be an ideal place for starting the Czech-UK relationship.

    Have fun!

  3. punkrocker

    punkrocker Member

    cheers karel, yeah im into punk and stuff, like underground club stuff too. im gonna be in prague from friday til the following wednesday, just for leasure, is there much to do on a sunday/monday nights etc? woman in mind of also i need a cheap place to stay too..any ideas? :wink:
  4. Karel

    Karel Well-Known Member

    That`s all right Padz.

    Reach for the lasers on Friday and Saturday, and have a few pints of Pilsner in a nice pub with your new gal on Sun and Mon. Some clubs could be closed on Sun or Mon, but hey, on-season clubbing, they must be open :D !

    See what`s on at the Roxy club:

    Have a look at some inexpensive places to stay in here:

    youth hostels

    Enjoy your stay to the full!


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