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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Violator, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. Violator

    Violator New Member

    New member here!

    Going to Prague for the 3rd time in April and this time I quite fancy going to see Sparta. The only problem is that they are at home to Banik and when I was in Prague last September my cab driver said it was a game to avoid because of the trouble. I dont fancy getting 5 inches of steel in me, is it a possibility?
  2. fabik317

    fabik317 Well-Known Member

    Very unlikely but still possible I'd say - the fans of Banik are considered the most violent in the CR but if you find a seat which is far enough from the hardcore part of the crowd you should be ok.
  3. czhuron

    czhuron Member

    I was once there too in stadion of Sparta Praha..... Very good built for wheelchair users......
    Dobry !!!
  4. Violator

    Violator New Member

    As the game has been scheduled for 23 April, which in England is our patron saints day, do you think it might be switched. There will be a lot of English in the city that weekend and the potential for trouble will surely increase. :(
  5. Sigma

    Sigma Well-Known Member

    Just don't sit near the hoste section (which is where the Ostrava fans will sit).

    I have been to a number of Sigma games on the road and I never had any problems.... for the most part....
  6. goonerphil

    goonerphil Member


    As you can see from my username, I am an Arsenal Supporter. My first time to visit Prague was for the Champions League game between Sparta and Arsenal 5 years ago. I travel to most of the Arsenal European games, and I have never felt safer (or happier) in another stadium. I have returned to Prague over 30 times since that game (often going to see Sparta), and have never felt threatened. I have also been there when other English teams have played Sparta/Ostrava/Liberec etc etc. Just buy the the most expensive ticket (not expensive at all!!!) for the match.
    Not sure why St Georges day may be a problem to watch two Czech teams in Prague!
  7. Violator

    Violator New Member

    Cheers Phil,

    I just thought that with the two top Czech teams playing on the Saturday when there will be loads of drunken English, it could be a bit dodgy.
  8. goonerphil

    goonerphil Member

    Being a weekend (stag parties etc.) there will be a certain amount of drunken English in Prague, as always.
    They will not go to the game, though; maybe that's one of the reasons that I go whenever possible!
    I find that the majority of Czech football fans just want to see the game, have a few beers, and eat (fairly) stodgy food: and thats all.
    That'll do for me!
    You've been to Praha before: I'm surprised you have doubts.
    Go to Prague, enjoy yourself, see some football...just have fun!
    Best wishes,

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