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    i can handle most of the czech grammar sufficiently well (due to my slavic background), but i must say that my vocab is imo on an amateur level. :x
    i was wondering whether there was something like a list of the most used czech-words i could learn or anything similar to boost my vocab knowledge ?
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    Well, generally in any language, the most frequent words are the functional words. Conjunction, prepositions, particles, clitics and alike. While they are immensely useful to know (because they are so frequent), they generally tend to convey very little actual meaning. So if you filter out these words, you will have the lexical ones that do convey meaning but their frequency is very limited and similar to one another, so you still have to choose some. It always depends on the situational context. If you want to go buying things, study at university, chit-chat with your friends, read newspapers,...
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    thx for your reply,
    but let me reformuate my question than,
    does anybody have any kind of list with czech words and their translation that i could copy into my flash cards learning programm ? :)
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    Another one to try is:

    Register and they will send you (via email) 10 words per day to learn. Their range of Czech words is limited (currently 644) but it is a very good start.
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    thank you all very much!
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    McCracken: I've been getting these as well and although some of them are useful, there are some rather odd ones and unless you know quite a bit of grammar, they can be misleading.
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