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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by noos, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. noos

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    Having heard many great things about Olomouc I've decided to try my luck and move there from the US. I hope to find some work giving private English lessons. My questions are:

    - I've heard there aren't many native English speakers in Northern Moravia, but is there enough of a demand for them in Olomouc to make enough money to survive? (I don't have a BA nor a TEFL certifcate, by the way, which is one reason I'm going to try teaching private students)

    - Could I get by in Olomouc without knowing Czech? I hope to learn a little before I come, but I doubt I'll be able to speak more than a few phrases in the month I have left before I move. I do plan to study Czech very seriously once I arrive, but I'd like to feel confident I'll be able to survive there on mostly English until I do.

    - Are there Czech classes in Olomouc for people who are not enrolled in their university?

    - Can anyone recommend a way to find an apartment in Olomouc without knowing Czech?

    I know I haven't picked the easiest place in the world to move to, especially considering I don't know Czech. But what do you think are my chances?
  2. Karel

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    Hello Noos,

    A university degree is highly recommended but not necessary to get a job as a primary or secondary school teacher in the CR. You probably wouldn`t be accepted as an English teacher on grounds of not speaking any Czech, not because you haven`t got a degree. (Maybe it`s illegal to employ unqualified teachers, but there seems to be no one who`d like to put an end to it) Czechs don`t follow official rules anyway. :D
    A qualified teacher has to complete five years` study, so in Czech reality, it`s a degree equivalent to an MA or MSc degree.

    In case you were interested in getting TEFL in Prague, here`s the site:

    While your chances of obtaining a teaching position in a public school are fairly limited, applying in a private English school is promising. I`d say it`s highly likely you`ll be on the payroll if you dare to apply there. :D

    You can get some privates on the side.

    Many private language schools teach other main languages such as German, Spanish etc. Some schools offer Czech as well. If you got the job in that kind of school any language they teach there would be free for you.

    If you were unlucky to work in such a place, there`s still an option of your teaching English in exchange for Czech. This is very very realistic too.

    Lastly, as a native English speaker, you could earn some extra money by proofreading legal, technical etc. documents. The largest translation firm is here:

    Sorry, I can`t help with the rest of your questions, but there are quite a few people on these boards who either live or were born in Olomouc.

    Good luck!

  3. Sigma

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    I have spent about 8 months in Olomouc from 2000-2002 and I can tell you there are not that many English speaking people in that part of the Czech Republic.

    In 2002, I spent three months in Olomouc by myself and I only spoke basic Czech. I didn't have too many problems living or communicating.
    Believe it or not, I only met one person who spoke decent English and he was from Palestine.

    Olomouc is a fantastic city and I am jealous that you are planning on living there. If I had my way, I would be in Olomouc right now.

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