My comic about Prague (in English AND Czech)

Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by JPS, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. JPS

    JPS Member

    Hello All, thought you may be interested by my little webcomic set in Prague.

    I've had it translated into Czech as well, just follow the relevant links!

    The link is

    If you know anyone who may like it please, please send it on (or add on twitter/Facebook). It's taken nearly two years to get off the ground and I want to get the news out!

    Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.
  2. JPS

    JPS Member

    For those interested and wanting to practice their Czech, the full version of story 2 is now on the CESKY pages of the website. One page left to go online for the English version.

  3. scrimshaw

    scrimshaw Well-Known Member

    Very cool comic strip, so far only read the first chapter, but we'll see where it goes from there.
    I'll give another update on my opinion after I've read a little farther.
    I'm not usually a comic book reader, but this one has captured my attention.

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