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    Over this summer, I met a wonderful guy from Czech Rep. and fell in love. He is gone back home now, hopefully to return next year sometime. I recently learned about Name Days and his is coming up soon. I am slowly learning to speak Cesky, however, I need to know soon how to write "Happy Name Day Roman" if someone could help. Also, is name day important to Czech people? Thanks so much.
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    Thank You Dana so much !!

    I am wondering though......I thought I had figured it out, to find I was all wrong !! Go figure with the language difference. I was going to write.........Prat Si Ty Stastny Jmeniny Roman !!!!!! (missing Czech characters) As I said, I am very new at attempting to learn this language and I do appreciate very much your assistance.

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    Heather, Roman would understand the Czech sentence you put together. This is what it literally means:
    přát si - to wish (to myself, not to someone else), e.g. I wish I could...; you only have to use "přát" to wish something to someone else ("si" is a pronoun that always expresses "self")
    ty - you, but not "to you", which is "ti"
    šťastný - happy
    jmeniny - nameday, but this word is a little too formal, normally people use the word "svátek", which generally means "holiday" but is also used for "nameday"

    We have a phrase to wish someone a happy nameday and that phrase is "Všechno nejlepší k svátku", which means "All the best for your nameday". If you'd like to say "I wish you...", then you'll say "Přeji ti všechno nejlepší k svátku, Romane."

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