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Discussion in 'Culture' started by dsulleunberger, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. dsulleunberger

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    My great grandmother is listed on the US Census as Aewe, on her headstone it says Eva. I do not understand what Aewe could mean and why that was listed as her name. Any ideas? Both her and My great grandfather were born in Czechoslovakia
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    Depends on when she came to the US. I can imagine people comming to Elis Island on ships with no papers, knowing no english. So one imigration officer wrote it as Ewe, and when she later complained it spells with and "A", they simply spelled it with an "A" - hence Aewe.

    This could happened in many ways, the above is just for example.

    Yet gravestone is OK - the stone cutter only wrote what family wanted him to write, not what was in the papers.
  3. dsulleunberger

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    Thank you. That does make sense.[/b]

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