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  1. Qcumber

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    I am going to visit Prague for Easter and plan to send postcards to various friend. I need to know the names of the countries below to put on the envelopes that I am preparing now.
    United States of America
  2. wer

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    English name / short Czech name / official Czech name
    France / Francie / Francouzská republika
    New-Caledonia / Nová Kaledonie / Nová Kaledonie
    Philippines / Filipíny / Filipínská republika
    Romania / Rumunsko / Rumunsko
    Russia / Rusko / Ruská federace
    United States of America / Spojené státy americké / Spojené státy americké

    According to Czech post standards, an address must be written in a form comprehensible to the post in the state of destination and the name of the country must be written in French or English using Latin alphabet.

    In practise, a name in Czech is also accepted, but it is non-standard.
  3. Qcumber

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    Thanks a lot, Wer. My intention was to write the name of the country both in the language of the country and of course in Czech as I intend to post my envelopes from Prague.
    As I am French, I'll use the French names, too. :)

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